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Put the FUN back into your FITness!

  • Needing to lose weight to fit back in your favorite pair of jeans?

  • Wanting to get active after years of not working out?

  • Looking for a fun way to jumpstart your goals?

  • Do other workouts hurt your knees and back?

This class is perfect for you!

Kangoo Jumps™ boots are low-impact rebounding boots which allows you to run, jump and bounce with 80% less impact to the body. Get an intense cardio workout in less time! Challenge your core and burn up to 800 calories per hour.


Whatever your goal; whether it is to improve overall fitness, strengthen the skeletal system, boost weight loss, strengthen muscles or enhance sport performance… fitness has never been so beneficial, fun or safer!!

Safe to use. Quick to master. Easy to balance.
Bounce into shape, feel fit, lose weight and tone muscles with Kangoo Jumps!

Jazzercise Spring - Klein 
7135 Louetta Rd 

Top Benefits of Rebounding with Kangoo Boots:

Burn excessive calories so fat melts off the body

* Lose inches for smaller dress sizes

* Low impact - No pain for knees, back and joints

* Strengthens the core to encourage a flat stomach

* Lifts and tones the booty

* Improves metabolism so you burn off the food you eat

* Become able to workout longer and go harder

* Relieves stress for a better night's rest

* Boost brain function so you get more done in the day

* Eliminates harmful toxins to boost immune system

* Pumps oxygen thru the body more efficiently

* Makes bones stronger to avoid osteoporosis


**Plus it's fun, Fun, FUN so you keep motivated

There are over 33 health benefits to rebounding that you do not get doing other cardio workouts. 

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