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April 11th - May 20th

Come put the FUN back into your FITness! 

What's Included:
  • Group Classes & Training for 6 weeks 

  • Kangoo Jumps Boot Rental

  • Pre-and Post Measurements and Weigh-in

  • Nutritional Guide & Tips

  • Before and After Pics of your Success

  • At-home / Online Workouts and Challenges

  • Weekly Live Sessions and Check-ins

  • Motivational Group Support and Accountability Team




for everything




Lose Weight

Lose Inches

Have FUN!

 Top Benefits of Bounce Fitness:

* Burn excessive calories so fat melts off the body

* Lose inches for smaller dress sizes

* Low impact - No pain for knees, back and joints

* Strengthens the core to encourage a flat stomach

* Lifts and tones the booty

* Improves metabolism so you burn off the food you eat

* Become able to workout longer and go harder

* Relieves stress for a better night's rest

* Boost brain function so you get more done in the day

* Eliminates harmful toxins to boost immune system

* Pumps oxygen thru the body more efficiently

* Makes bones stronger to avoid osteoporosis  


**Plus it's fun, Fun, FUN so you keep motivated

There are over 33 health benefits to rebounding that you do not get doing other cardio workouts. 


Ages 15-95 Welcome

All Fitness Levels

Newbies Encouraged

No Boots Needed

Virtual Challenge Informational
Sunday, April 3rd at 7:00pm


Classes In-Person and Online

2200 FM 1092 Ste G in Missouri City
7135 Louetta Rd Ste G in Spring
Zoom Studio

We are a fitness community, focused on getting results and we want to share the Kangoo Love with you.
Together we will overcome the old habits and reach our 2022 goals! Just in time for the summer!

Don't Wait - Only 12 Spots Left !