About Bounce Fitness

Kangoo Jumps were originally created by a doctor 22 years ago as a rehab boot for athletes who had knee, ankle and back injuries and wanted to get back into running without pain. Safe and easy to use, the specially patented spring system absorbs the impact and helps you burn more calories than walking, jumping, running or working out in regular shoes! 


It has since been transformed into an amazing high-intensity cardio workout that burns up to 800 calories per hour while having FUN!! Ranging from dance to boot camps to game nights, you won't even realize you're exercising. We put the boots on, turn the music up and jump to it!


The boots take just a few minutes to learn and tones your entire body with very little impact to your joints! Bounce Fitness is definitely one of the most efficient workouts around!


Ready for change? BOUNCE!

Top Benefits of Rebounding with Kangoo Boots:

*Reduces impact to joints and bones by 80%

*Burns 25% more calories than other cardio

*Builds and Tones Muscles

*Increases Stamina

*Builds Endurance

*Improves Metabolism

*Improves Circulation

*Relieves Stress

*Increase Productivity

*Helps Detox and Cleanse Body Naturally

*Encourages Deeper Sleep Cycles

*Strengthen Core

*Improves Postures


**Plus it's fun, Fun, FUN so you keep motivated

There are over 33 health benefits to rebounding that you do not get doing other cardio workouts. 


Meet the Bounce Team