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Free First Timers Workshop 

Come put the FUN back into your FITness! 

Shed Stubborn Fat

Tone Muscles

Have FUN!

What to Expect
  • Get fitted for the perfect Kangoo Jumps for you 

  • Step-by-step instructions on proper wear and use.

  • Interactive demonstration on basic moves and combinations

  • Beginner workout set to upbeat and motivational music to burn calories

  • Opportunity for trial membership and special on boots! 

  • Lots of FUN for the entire workshop!

Classes will be limited so you get the full attention of our instructors and to maintain social distance as we bounce to the beat!

 Top Benefits of Bounce Fitness:

* Burn excessive calories so fat melts off the body

* Lose inches for smaller dress sizes

* Low impact - No pain for knees, back and joints

* Strengthens the core to encourage a flat stomach

* Lifts and tones the booty

* Improves metabolism so you burn off the food you eat

* Become able to workout longer and go harder

* Relieves stress for a better night's rest

* Boost brain function so you get more done in the day

* Eliminates harmful toxins to boost immune system

* Pumps oxygen thru the body more efficiently

* Makes bones stronger to avoid osteoporosis  


**Plus it's fun, Fun, FUN so you keep motivated

There are over 33 health benefits to rebounding that you do not get doing other cardio workouts. 


Ages 15-95 Welcome

Open to Women and Men

All Fitness Levels

No experience needed

Kangoo Jumps are very stable, SAFE and EASY to use. 

Kangoo Jumps were designed by Canadian orthopedist Gregory Legkchtman in 1994 solely for rehabilitation after the operation on the knee joints, lower leg and back. They quickly became a worldwide leading sport brand. Equipped with a unique spring system, they help to get in shape extremely fast! 

For over 20 years, Kangoo Jumps has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world repair their joints and take back their health.

                        PROVEN TO BE SAFE: YOU WILL NOT FALL

FB_IMG_1575270702867 (1).jpg

We are a fitness community, focused on getting results and we want to share the Kangoo Love with you.
Whether you're looking to lose weight, get active or just have fun - Together we will reach our 2020 goals!

Don't Wait - Only 8 Spots per Class !





reserves spot


Will You Be Our Next Success Story? 

There's only ONE way to find out...

welcome to the club!

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