March 30th - May 8th, 2020

Come put the FUN back into your FITness! 

What's Included:
  • Group Classes & Training for 6 weeks 

  • Kangoo Jumps Boot Rental

  • Pre-and Post Measurements and Weigh-in

  • Nutritional Guide & Tips

  • At-home / Online Workouts and Challenges

  • Motivational Group Support and Accountability Team



for everything




 Top Benefits of Rebounding with Kangoo Boots:

*Reduces impact to joints and bones by 80%

*Burns 25% more calories/fat than other cardio

*Builds and Tones Muscles

*Increases Stamina and Builds Endurance

*Improves Metabolism and Circulation

*Relieves Stress and Increases Productivity

*Helps Detox and Cleanse Body Naturally

*Encourages Deeper Sleep Cycles

*Strengthen Core and Tightens the Booty

*Improves Postures & Helps Balance and Coordination


**Plus it's fun, Fun, FUN so you keep motivated

There are over 33 health benefits to rebounding that you do not get doing other cardio workouts. 

Ages 15-95 Welcome

All Fitness Levels

No experience needed

Challenge Informational

Thurs, March 26th at 6pm

Saturday, March 28th at 9am

2200 FM 1092 Ste G in Missouri City
Classes held Tues and Thurs at 7pm and Saturday at 10:30am

Sunday, March 29th at 1pm

7135 Louetta Rd in Spring
Classes held Sundays at 2pm

We are a fitness community, focused on getting results and we want to share the Kangoo Love with you.
Together we will reach our 2020 goals! Just in time for the summer!

Don't Wait - Only 18 Spots Left !

Kangoo Jumps are very stable, SAFE and EASY to use. 

Kangoo Jumps were designed by Canadian orthopedist Gregory Legkchtman in 1994 solely for rehabilitation after the operation on the knee joints, lower leg and back. They quickly became a worldwide leading sport brand. Equipped with a unique spring system, they help to get in shape extremely fast! 

For over 20 years, Kangoo Jumps has helped hundreds of thousands of people all over the world repair their joints and take back their health.

                        PROVEN TO BE SAFE: YOU WILL NOT FALL

We are a supportive fitness community that love Kangoo Jumps! During your 6-week JUMPstart Session, you will have complete access to an online community that will keep you motivated, hold you accountability and help you stay on track to reaching your goals. Instructors and members will also post tutorials, workouts and Kangoo challenges to keep you bouncing and active all week long! 





reserves spot


We want you to be invested into your health and fitness as well as feel a part of the Kangoo community so you get unlimited support! Limited space available so join right now to reserve your spot!

What's Included:
  • Group Classes & Training for 6 weeks 

  • Kangoo Jumps Boot Rental

  • Pre-and Post Measurements and Weigh-in

  • Nutritional Guide & Tips

  • At-home / Online Workouts and Challenges

  • Motivational Group Support and Accountability Team

Will You Be Our Next Success Story? 

There's only ONE way to find out...

welcome to the club!

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Bounce Fit Club





Irma F, 1st Timer

It doesn't matter what level of fitness you are at. This class is an excellent cardio class. I loved it! The instructor was great and the music was on point.

Cassandra L, Member

Becoming a member of Bounce Fit Club was one of the best health conscious decisions I've ever made. It's an excellent workout with endless benefits. I have more energy and endurance but best of all, I've seen results! I've lost 37 pounds and 23 total inches. We work every part of our body and our instructor makes sure that we're doing the exercises properly so that we're getting the most out of our workout. Did I mention that it's fun too! The boots are very stable plus they reduce the impact to your joints. The knee pain I've experienced with other workouts doesn't exist in the bounce boots.

Anita M, Beginner

Omg! I loved it! It was so fun and a very intense workout. I was drenched! The music is fun to! If you want to lose weight, this is the place😁 I just started working out so it was hard at first but I didn’t give up and kept going.  Unlike Zumba, I got a lot out of this class plus I sleep so much better now. 

This place is the real deal! I'm fifty-six years old, and not as active as I should be, due to bone on bone knee problems. LaRobin the instructor is awesome and very patient.  I'm addicted and can't wait until tomorrow's class!

Tonnette W, Beginner

Just started participating in this class. And OMG....I love it. It is a total workout. And the members, instructors and the whole vibe of the class is upbeat, uplifting, motivating and fun. My instructor LaRobin is so good. I look forward to this class❤

Had an AWESOME time and FANTASTIC workout! LaRobin is an excellent instructor. This is a definite must try and is suitable for newbies, those looking to augment their current fitness routine, or for those just looking for something new. You won't regret it.

Kim E, Beginner

Tammy J, 1st Time